Davy J’s Best Swimsuits For Open Water Swimming In 2023

Davy J’s Best Swimsuits For Open Water Swimming In 2023

Whether you are a long-standing advocate of the cold dip or hoping to test out the sea and kickstart new habits while it is a little bit warmer this summer, open water swimming is as addictive as it is invigorating. It’s hard to stop once you’ve caught the big blue bug so investing in the right swimsuit to keep you warm, comfortable and confident is well worth the time and effort. 

The weather and conditions play an important role in determining exactly what kind of swimsuit is the best for open water swimming, with all kinds of different materials and styles available depending on when and where you are planning to take the plunge. We’re proud that our range of sustainable swimwear includes some of the very best swimsuits for open water swimming, from long sleeve options to mix-and-match separates. Here are 5 of our favourites:

Best For The Planet…The Zero Trace Swimsuit

Anybody that goes open water swimming regularly will be well aware of just how beautiful our waters are, but also see first-hand just how devastating the impact that waste can have on the planet and our oceans. It’s vital that we do what we can to minimise our impact, which is why the Zero Trace Swimsuit is one of the best swimsuits for open water swimming and the planet. Featuring a flattering silhouette and constructed from the first fully biodegradable swimwear fabric, this open water swimsuit will have you feeling good in every way possible. You can even add a striking elasticated belt to make a statement in an otherwise timeless swimsuit, also crafted with love from recycled materials and regenerated waste.

Best For The Cold... The Bonded Long Sleeve Swimsuit

Long sleeve swimsuits are some of the best for open water swimming, not as weighty and cumbersome as a wetsuit but perfect for extra warmth or bridging the gap between seasons. Our Bonded Long Sleeve Swimsuit is a unique offering from Davy J. Made from 1mm bonded fabric, it sits somewhere between a swimsuit and wetsuit so keeps you comfortable yet flexible when the conditions are a little chilly. The long sleeves and thumb holes add extra comfort, with enough stretch in the fabric to be neatly tucked over swimming gloves if you are looking for some added protection. The clever fully reversible construction even means you effectively have two swimsuits in one.

A lady with auburn hair walking up some steps from the sea, looking straight into the camera with a strong look on her face.  She is wearing a zip up long sleeve powder blue Davy J Sustainable Waterwear swimsuit

Best For Versatility... The Wrap Long Sleeve Swim Top

If you are sold on the benefits of a long sleeve swimsuit but prefer the feeling of separates or simply want to mix up your look with different products, look no further than The Wrap Long Sleeve Swim Top. This flattering and comfortable top provides a stylish alternative to a rash vest and combines comfort with the protection of longer sleeves, keeping your skin protected from UV and adding an extra layer between you and the water. We recommend pairing it with our high waist briefs for a full coverage look or layering it over a one-piece swimsuit. The versatility of this top truly makes it one of the best swimsuits for open water swimming if you are looking for swimwear that will stay in your wardrobe all year round. 

Best For Feeling Sporty... The Body Swim Top

The Body Swim Top is one of our bestsellers here at Davy J, and it’s not hard to see why. A really premium feel and super sporty scoop back cut make this swim top particularly suitable for open water swimming. The high-quality fabric is constructed with a combination of high elastane content and 100% regenerated nylon yarn, holding you in with plenty of shape and lift even in adventurous conditions. Just like the rest of our swimwear, versatility is front and centre. You could pair it with high-waist briefs for a one-piece effect, though we adore the sporty look created when combined with our active briefs.

Best For Under A Wetsuit... The Classic Crossback Swimsuit

Most open water swimmers find that a wetsuit is needed during most times of the year. Your wetsuit will create a thin and vital layer of warm water around your body that extends the amount of time you can spend in the water, making it a must-have piece of protection if you are planning on turning open water swimming into a regular hobby. However, it is important to have the right swimsuit to wear underneath your wetsuit. The best swimsuits for open water swimming will provide a thin barrier between you and your neoprene (or yulex if you’ve made a sustainable choice!), preventing chafing and discomfort. Our Classic Crossback Swimsuit is a simple but sculpting swimsuit that feels empowering when changing and relaxing yet comfortable and supportive under your wetsuit. 

A back view of a woman swimming showing the crossback detail of a red Davy J Sustainable Swimwear swimsuit

With the best swimsuit for open water swimming, the world (and the water) really is your oyster. Start exploring our full selection of swimwear online today to feel your very best as you take advantage of the many benefits of a cold water dip.



caveat...While we endeavour to create the best products and those loved by all - we design to bridge the gap between resortwear styles and functional swimwear but we do not intend to be a 'performance' or 'long distance' swimming brand so please do check fit and function carefully if you're after something more specialist (i.e. for serious long distance swimming you might need to go for specialist wetsuits that use glued seams to prevent chaffing over longer distances).

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