what happens to my swimsuit when it reaches ...

End of Life

All of our Davy J pieces have been built to last, but when your water wear finally reaches the end of its usable life, we take responsibility for what we create and encourage you to send your suits back to us – and we’ll give you 15% off your next Davy J piece in return. 


What happens next?


The Waste Collection

We work with UpCycle Labs in Nottingham to regenerate your old Davy Js. This award-winning material science and technology company provides an innovative upcycling service to convert textile waste into bespoke hardware - the gorgeous buckles on our Zero Trace swimsuit for example!


The Zero Trace Swimsuit 

The Zero Trace swimsuit is made using the first fully biodegradable nylon yarn. We ask that you return it to us at end of life so that we can ensure that it is disposed of in optimal conditions as provided by landfill, to speed up the breakdown process. If the fabric is not disposed of in an anaerobic environment, it will degrade in the same way as conventional synthetic fabrics (i.e. very slowly!). 

‘Biodegradable’ is not the same as ‘compostable’, so please don’t put your old swimsuit in with your organic compost at home – the fabric needs the anaerobic conditions of landfill to accelerate the breakdown process. If you can’t return your suit to us, please at the very least dispose of it in your general domestic waste that is destined for landfill.


Drop us a line at  and we’ll send you a pre-paid postage label to print at home, and a 15% discount code upon receipt of your old swimsuit.