To help each water loving woman find their perfect swimsuit

We create versatile pieces that sculpt, shape and hold with the aim to make every woman feel confident, beautiful and strong, in and around the water.

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A lady stood in the sea wearing a black Davy J Sustainable Waterwear black swimsuit.  Another lady wearing a blue swim top has her arm wrapped around her shoulder
Girl wearing powder blue suit
A tanned lady stood on rocks in front of crashing waves, looking up at the camera, wearing a Davy J Sustainable waterwear long sleeve black swim top and black and blue high waisted bikini briefs
A group of ladies smiling and jumping into the sea together.  They are all wearing different swimwear styles from Davy J Sustainable Waterwear

Aches with loveliness. If you took the most amazing jeans you ever had, or that archetypal little black dress and turned it into a swimming costume: that’s Davy J Territory

The Outdoor Swimming Society

...always complimented when wearing. My favourite kit. Holds you secure so you can get on with enjoying the ocean. So well made and excellent quality. Love them, thank you.

Best swimsuit I've ever owned, amazing quality, fits perfectly and is super flattering

Everything about this brand screams excellence, attention to detail and sustainability.

None of the other swimwear I own makes me feel so secure and confident. Once you own one of their suits you will definitely want more!

Sustainability is at the very heart of all that we do

Behind the Brand & Our Commitments

Image of recycled yarn on bobbins showing the sustainability story behind the Davy J Waste Collection fibre made from recycled waste

Sustainability in Our Supply Chains

Davy J’s fabric mill only uses renewable energy, produces its own electricity internally (enough to light up 12 Eiffel Towers a year), recycles 83% of its water and 99% of waste from production.

Ethical & Sustainable Supply Chains
A lady wearing a white bikini top with black band, holding a green fishing net in her hand

Creating a Circular Brand

The concept for Davy J originates from Helen’s passion for the seas, frustrations with suits that can’t ‘keep up’ with her adventurous side and the desire to build a business that looks at resources in a different way. 

Our Origins
Corridor of bobbins showing recycled yarn used in Davy J sustainable swimwear

Pushing Barriers in Innovation

Launching in April 2023 ‘The Zero Trace Swimsuit’ is made using an innovative biodegradable fabric... At the end of life, the whole swimsuit will decompose into harmless organic matter and biogas within just 5 years.

Our Innovations