Davy J Wrapped & Unwrapped

Three brown illustrated cardboard packing boxes laid in an arrangement on a green fishing net

If you’ve received a Davy J suit in the last couple of months *hopefully* you’ve noticed that our packaging has had a bit of a glow up.

Aside from the fact we felt your Davy Js deserved something a little snazzier, we wanted the experience of receiving your order to be a special one. We design all our pieces to make you feel fabulous, and that should start from the minute you open your parcel, whether it’s a gift from a loved one or to yourself. On a practical note, it turns out that sometimes our packaging wasn’t quite hardy enough for the UK postal system, nor in a few cases, some very peckish slugs (we kid you not).

We know just how important it is to you that we keep plastic-free, which thankfully isn’t much of a challenge nowadays, as there are so many cool and innovative options on the market. After exploring compostable, biodegradable, even water-soluble options, we decided to keep it simple with a beautiful, bespoke box that can easily be recycled at home. Davy j is a circular brand, and consideration of what happens at the end of our products’ life extends to all elements of our packaging too. A lot of plastic alternatives still require industrial conditions to be broken down, and can’t be recycled at home, so if mistaken for a normal plastic bag and thrown into your general waste, it will still stick around in landfill for a long time. To keep things easy, all our packaging is 100% recyclable with your normal card/paper recycling at home. 

We’ve also swapped to grass paper for our outer mailing bags. As well as being a super fast-growing and renewable material source, its production requires far less water and energy than standard paper, emitting up to 75% less co2. If you’ve opted for our gift wrap option, the custom 100% recycled tissue paper from noissue, is printed with soy-based inks, on fsc-certified paper, and is acid, sulphur, and lignin-free. Both the tissue paper and grass paper bags can also be composted at home if you prefer!

To reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve worked with local suppliers; the printing press in Plymouth (the base of Davy J HQ) for all the info material inside, and the fantastic Dorset Box Company for the boxes themselves. These guys only use FSC certified materials from UK suppliers, so the carbon emission of their bespoke boxes is half that of an imported box, and all production waste is fed back into a closed-loop recycling system.

but before you throw it out to recycling after the excitement of trying on your new Davy Js…remember your box doesn’t have to be single-use. With gorgeous custom artwork from local artist, Elsa Rose Frere, whether it’s to regift to a swimmer friend or as unique storage in your home, we hope your Davy J box might get a second life.



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