Our Journal - The Davy J Siren — Sustainability

A man wearing a green t-shirt is pinning up old fishing nets to a wall

Our Sustainability - More Than A Buzzword

The fashion world is awash with vague taglines like ‘eco’ and ‘green’. Last year, it was reported that 60% of sustainability claims by 12 of the biggest British and European fashion brands could b...
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Three brown illustrated cardboard packing boxes laid in an arrangement on a green fishing net

Davy J Wrapped & Unwrapped

If you’ve received a Davy J suit in the last couple of months *hopefully* you’ve noticed that our packaging has had a bit of a glow up. Aside from the fact we felt your Davy Js deserved something ...
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Back view of a lady leaning against a pile of fishing nets and rope, wearing a Davy J Sustainable Waterwear white crossback bikini top and black bikini briefs with white waistband

What Are You Made Of?

A new campaign hinting at the story behind our debut and core Davy J collection - 'The Waste Collection'. What are our swimsuits made of? What goes into making each and every piece? What sort of p...
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