How To Mix & Match Bikinis (And How Not To)

How To Mix & Match Bikinis (And How Not To)

Finding the right two-piece in your style, flatters you on the top and bottom half and also ‘stays on’ can be as tough as shopping for that perfect pair of jeans, we know, which is why we adore the way that a mix and match bikini offers you the chance to tailor your swimwear to suit your body, your activity and your style. From halter styles to full coverage briefs, and long sleeve tops to high waisted bikinis - there are all kinds of swimwear separates that you can bring together to create the ultimate unique look. Safe to say, if you want to get the most out of your swimwear purchases this season then mix and match is certainly the way to go.

If you are wondering how to create the perfect mix and match bikini then core staples are key. Though there are no strict rules to follow when pairing together your separates, we would recommend taking a look at our look of do’s and don'ts so that you can find a comfortable combination in no time.

Do... Consider When You Will Wear Your Bikini

This rule should apply no matter what kind of swimwear you are buying, so make sure that you think about what you are actually planning to use your bikini for... matching your bikini to the activity it is destined for is just as important as matching separates together, as a combination that looks nice on the surface is pretty useless if it can’t perform in the water. Getting active? Make sure you mix and match a bikini that includes a supportive and durable top like our bright blue Active Bikini Top. Alternatively, if you enjoy swimming in open water then it might be wise to pair our Long Sleeve Swim Top with your bikini briefs to stay a little warmer with your arms covered.

Don't... Clash Colours

While a mix and match bikini provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with bold prints and bright styles, there are a few loose style rules you should bear in mind when it comes to choosing your colours and prints. Contrasting solid colours or a statement print top with block colour bottoms are fantastic combinations, but steer clear of two different prints or different shades of the same colour. No matter how different the separates you choose are, the main aim of a mix and match bikini is to create a set that looks like it was destined to be together. Colours that are very nearly identical run the risk of looking like you’ve just failed at the matching part of your mission. Black swimwear with flashes of colour or black binding & accents can help.

Do... Listen To Your Body

Finding a mix and match bikini is as much about finding something that offers a custom fit as it is about finding a style that you love. One of the main advantages of swimwear separates is that you can pick the right size for each part of your body, so if you’re bustier on top but slim around the middle or have wider hips and a small chest, you can be sure that every element of your bikini fits as it should. You could pair separates like our gorgeous Body Swim Top and timeless High Waist Bikini Bottoms for a sophisticated full-coverage look or mix things up and create a two-piece effect with lower cut briefs.

Don't... Be Afraid To Show Your Personality

The real beauty of a mix and match bikini is that you can express yourself however you want. While it is best to reel yourself in enough to avoid a colour clash, it’s up to you how bold you want to be. Embrace your body and use the opportunity to pair individual pieces together as a chance to reflect your personality with your swimwear.

Do... Stick To The Right Materials

If you purchase your mix and match separates from the same brand or collection then you shouldn’t run into too much trouble with the material, but it is important to make sure that every piece of your bikini is made from a complementary fabric. It’s best to avoid materials with completely different properties so step away from the crochet tops and make sure that you consider durability as well as style. You’ll want your bikini to last as a whole, so it’s no good opting for thin and cheap bottoms that will show signs of wear much more quickly than a strong and supportive top.

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Think you’re ready to find the perfect mix and match bikini? Make sure you take a look at the complete range of sustainable swimwear separates available here at Davy J. Made from high quality, innovative & sustainable materials such as ECONYL® yarn, we stock a complete range of empowering styles designed to fit and flatter as part of the ultimate mix and match combination.

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