What Is Slow Fashion & Why Does It Matter?

What Is Slow Fashion & Why Does It Matter?

Making sustainable choices can be a challenge when there are all kinds of buzzwords and ‘green’ trends that we’re told we must get on board with. Many of the popular brands and products labelled as sustainable are little more than nicely wrapped fast fashion so it’s important to err on the side of caution when shopping for clothing.

Slow fashion, however, is a growing movement that is genuinely worth getting on board with. The slow fashion approach focuses on sustainability across the entire supply chain, getting the fashion industry to take a deep breath and consider what will really benefit our planet and its people.

What Is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is a movement that aims to reduce the production and consumption of clothing. Where fast fashion focuses on pumping out one-time seasonal trends at throwaway prices, slow fashion prioritises enduring styles that will stand the test of time. 

Careful manufacturing is a key element of slow fashion. Any brand that considers itself part of the movement will aim to identify how it can guarantee that its garments are produced using methods that do not damage the environment. The right material choices are also essential, with high-quality and low-impact fabrics prioritised to create clothing that will last for years rather than seasons.

The way we treat our clothes is just as important as the way they are made when it comes to embracing slow fashion. Though the timeless styles and designs of slow fashion brands aim to transcend the idea of a ‘trend’, we have a responsibility as individuals to slow down the way that we buy clothing and instead focus on preserving our favourite items through proper care, repairing and upcycling.

How Does Slow Fashion Help The Environment?

Keeping up with fast fashion comes at a significant cost as an alarming 10,000 items of clothing end up in landfill in the UK every five minutes. Slow fashion aims to limit this needless destruction of the environment and encourage people and brands to be more mindful of their clothing consumption. By manufacturing more sustainably and buying fewer but higher quality items, we create less waste and send less to landfill which conserves the planet’s vital and natural resources.

Tips For Spotting Slow Fashion

Even if you are confident that you can align your shopping habits with a slow fashion mentality, it can still be hard to know exactly where to look for clothing that earnestly embraces this sustainable ethos. Pay attention to the following criteria as you start to get to grips with spotting slow fashion:

Supply Chain Transparency

A key way to tell if a brand is embracing slow fashion is if they are transparent about their production processes. Slow fashion brands should have nothing to hide so pay attention to how much a retailer is willing to reveal about its supply chain and manufacturing methods before you jump at making a purchase.

Low Impact Materials

We’ve already touched upon the fact that the right materials are a critical part of slow fashion, but what should you actually be looking for? Ditch the virgin polyester or polyblends and pick up items made from natural materials like organic cotton & linen or those that use recycled and recyclable fibres.

Feel The Quality

Have a feel of the fabric, does it feel durable and high quality? You can often tell a lot about the quality and durability of a fabric from touch and whether it will last more than just a handful of wears.

Core Collection Of Products

Slow fashion brands focus on quality over quantity. Timeless styles tend to go hand in hand with garments that can be worn all year round, so expect one core collection or very infrequently product updates. 

Davy J's Relationship With The Slow Fashion Movement

Davy J was founded with a deep and technical approach to sustainability that runs parallel with much of the slow fashion ethos.

"I just wouldn't build a business any other way" says Davy J founder, Helen Lofts. "Our mission is to help every woman find the perfect swimsuit for them and for this we need to create the BEST swimwear - high-quality materials, careful construction, sustainable practices and styles that transcend time."

You can read about our commitment to sustainability online today and browse the full Davy J sustainable collection to see for yourself how our swimwear is making waves in and amongst the busy sea of slow fashion.

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