Introducing our first fully biodegradable swimsuit

Woman with short bobbed hair smiling directly into the camera, wearing a Davy J Sustainable Waterwear black biodegradable swimsuit with an elasticated black and white logo belt

Building on the foundations of our best selling ‘Waste Collection’, we’re super excited to introduce a very special addition to the Davy J family – the Zero Trace swimsuit.

Aside from that stunning silhouette…what makes this swimsuit quite so special? Using the first biodegradable nylon yarn, the fabric of the Zero Trace swimsuit will fully breakdown in just 5 years when disposed of correctly, returning to harmless bio-gas and organic matter - 10 times faster than conventional synthetic fibres!  

If thrown away, even recycled swimwear fabric can take between 10 and 100 years to degrade into harmful microplastics in landfill conditions – the absolute last thing we’d want.  What happens at the end of the Davy J life cycle is just as important as what materials we use at the start. 

To give some context, traditionally swimwear fabric is limited to either a virgin or recycled ‘polymer’ yarn such as nylon or polyester, blended with synthetic elastane fibres to give that crucial stretch quality. The blended nature of these fabrics makes it tricky to recycle or regenerate back into usable fabric yarn in the same way as you can with 100% cotton or polyester – technology is advancing rapidly though so watch this space! The Zero Trace suit fabric is a blend of the first biodegradable nylon and an innovative bio-elastane stretch yarn, both of which completely breaks down into CO2 and water in anaerobic landfill conditions. We’ve even swapped the hidden elastic in the seams (which keeps the suit firmly in place) for 100% natural rubber that is biodegradable too. 

For our ‘Waste Collection’ which uses ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn, we work with an Upcycle Labs, an innovative upcycling company to turn your old suits into usable pieces of hardwear (the buckle on the Zero Trace suit’s belt for example!).

We know that ‘landfill’ is almost a swear word now and for good reason – around 350,000 tonnes of clothes enters landfill each year in the UK. Make no mistake, this isn’t throwaway fashion - like all Davy J suits, the Zero Trace suit is built to stand the test of time; from pattern design, seam placement and double lining, to quality manufacturing and vigorous testing (thanks, Helen!). We even offer a repair service to keep your swimsuit in peak condition. Sadly, eventually everything reaches the end of its usable life, and we want to take responsibility for the impact our products have on the planet. 

The fabric can be disposed of in normal landfill which provides the anaerobic conditions needed to biodegrade, and the beauty of the Zero Trace suit is there are no toxic components. 

The question we know you want to ask… will it survive a swim?! Have no fear, the decomposition process only starts when the fabric is disposed of correctly and reaches the anaerobic conditions of landfill, coming into contact with microorganisms which activate the yarn's biodegradation. In and out of water, or storage, the fabric maintains all the durability and comfort you’d expect from a Davy J piece, plus the added bio-elastane sculpts and smooth. 

With its flattering racer front, and low back, this piece will look just as gorgeous out of the water, under jeans or a skirt, as in the waves. However you wear it, we’re sure the Zero Trace swimsuit will be a staple in your wardrobe for many seasons to come!

Do check out our FAQ page for more information and our End of Life page for instructions on how to finally dispose of your beloved Davy J responsibly. 




If you're interested in finding out more or have any questions about The Zero Trace Swimsuit, take a look at our dedicated FAQ's page where we hope to answer any queries you may have.



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