Stories From The Water: Helen

A powerful front facing image of a lady with long hair stood in the sea with the water around her shoulders.  She is wearing a black Davy J Sustainable Waterwear long sleeve swim top

I am the founder and CEO of sustainable women’s swimwear brand – Davy J. Until about 6 months ago, I ran the business solo from home but finally ran out of room... and time, and we’re now a team of three (and growing) working from a studio space on the waterfront in Plymouth. For me swimming is my stress relief, it grounds me and it’s one of the main activities that allows me to disconnect from my busy mind and get some much-needed perspective.  

Outside of swimming, I struggle to find calm, I’m a perfectionist, super ambitious and a worrier and spend a lot of time thinking through ‘what ifs’, trying to make sure everyone around me is happy while driving tasks forward, but the process of wading into the water washes away stresses and thoughts. I can float off into the water unencumbered. It is not that I lose the thoughts forever but when I pick them up again as I come back to the beach, they feel somehow lighter and more manageable. 

When I swim my alarm goes off and I always snooze it while I lie there and think the usual thoughts…should I, shouldn’t I? Have one of the others dropped out? It’s cold outside, I could just roll over and go back to sleep. Usually my husband will kick me out of bed and tell me I always feel better after a swim (which I do). So I throw on some gear and head downstairs to make up a flask. Once I step outside and close the door behind me it’s like a weight is lifted and I’m up and out and awake. 

I can walk to my local swim spot from my house and usually meet up with swim buddies by the Artillery Tower. My favourite is high tide when there are calm conditions and clear skies, each stroke feels like velvet on the skin. 

I have been lucky to make some great swim friends through swimming, lots of us creative and entrepreneurial types. We are all different ages and industries but share a love for the ocean and never fail to have a giggle when we swim together, whether that’s Lizzie capturing underwater snaps, Beth’s squeals as she enters the water or watching Laura disappear beneath the surface leaving one arm outstretched above the water holding her glasses up to keep them dry. Pure Joy.

You never regret a swim.

Helen x

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