Our Journal - The Davy J Siren — In and Around The Water

A lady with short dark hair looking into the camera smiling whilst in the sea with the water around her shoulders

Stories From The Water: Cordelia

Not swimming every day has had a real impact on me. After I completed my 365 days last year, I went cold turkey for four days and it was a big mistake and showed how important swimming every day w...
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A powerful front facing image of a lady with long hair stood in the sea with the water around her shoulders.  She is wearing a black Davy J Sustainable Waterwear long sleeve swim top

Stories From The Water: Helen

I am the founder and CEO of sustainable women’s swimwear brand – Davy J. Until about 6 months ago, I ran the business solo from home but finally ran out of room... and time, and we’re now a team o...
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Black and white image of a woman in a black Davy J Sustainable Waterwear swimsuit and wearing a beanie hat on a beach smiling

Stories From The Water: Jenna

I like to move my body after waking so I make a cup of green tea and sit on my yoga mat. I tend to just do what I feel, anything from a thirty-minute intense workout to some simple mobility work, ...
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Black and white image of a woman in a short sleeve Davy J Sustainable Waterwear short sleeve swim top holding the collar and pulling up the zip

Stories From The Water: Sophia

I have been wild swimming a lot now for about 5 years. Growing up in Devon I was always a water baby and my brother and I would spend hours in the sea when we were young.  I always battled the ol’...
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Black and white image of a lady smiling with suncream on her face sat on the beach

Stories From The Water: Ellie

I feel free when I get in the water! The thrill of the build-up to a dip makes me feel purposeful and alive, and the sense of accomplishment after makes me think I can do anything. It was my custo...
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A woman sat on a towel on a beach in a Davy J Sustainable Swimwear cutout swimsuit wearing big sunglasses with lots of arm tattoos

Stories From The Water: Laura

I've been swimming for as long as I can remember, as a child living close to the sea I spent every summer at the beach. As an adult I took up what we now refer to as 'wild swimming' but would alwa...
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A woman and man stood in the sea smiling and looking straight at the camera

Stories From The Water: Beth

I’ll admit I'm not usually a morning person. Enough time for a shower, breakfast (two bowls of coco pops ☺️) and I’m ready to start treatments. If I swim in the morning, I’ll drag myself out of be...
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Three Girls wearing Davy J swimwear walking into the water to go wild swimming

Winter Swim Kit List

So you’ve dipped your toe into the cold water swimming malarky and now you’re hooked… what’s it going to take to keep you going through the colder months and what should you add to your kit list?...
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