Our Journal - The Davy J Siren

A lady with short dark hair looking into the camera smiling whilst in the sea with the water around her shoulders

Stories From The Water: Cordelia

Not swimming every day has had a real impact on me. After I completed my 365 days last year, I went cold turkey for four days and it was a big mistake and showed how important swimming every day w...
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A man wearing a green t-shirt is pinning up old fishing nets to a wall

Our Sustainability - More Than A Buzzword

The fashion world is awash with vague taglines like ‘eco’ and ‘green’. Last year, it was reported that 60% of sustainability claims by 12 of the biggest British and European fashion brands could b...
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A powerful front facing image of a lady with long hair stood in the sea with the water around her shoulders.  She is wearing a black Davy J Sustainable Waterwear long sleeve swim top

Stories From The Water: Helen

I am the founder and CEO of sustainable women’s swimwear brand – Davy J. Until about 6 months ago, I ran the business solo from home but finally ran out of room... and time, and we’re now a team o...
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Black and white image of a woman in a black Davy J Sustainable Waterwear swimsuit and wearing a beanie hat on a beach smiling

Stories From The Water: Jenna

I like to move my body after waking so I make a cup of green tea and sit on my yoga mat. I tend to just do what I feel, anything from a thirty-minute intense workout to some simple mobility work, ...
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Black and white image of a woman in a short sleeve Davy J Sustainable Waterwear short sleeve swim top holding the collar and pulling up the zip

Stories From The Water: Sophia

I have been wild swimming a lot now for about 5 years. Growing up in Devon I was always a water baby and my brother and I would spend hours in the sea when we were young.  I always battled the ol’...
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Black and white image of a lady smiling with suncream on her face sat on the beach

Stories From The Water: Ellie

I feel free when I get in the water! The thrill of the build-up to a dip makes me feel purposeful and alive, and the sense of accomplishment after makes me think I can do anything. It was my custo...
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A woman sat on a towel on a beach in a Davy J Sustainable Swimwear cutout swimsuit wearing big sunglasses with lots of arm tattoos

Stories From The Water: Laura

I've been swimming for as long as I can remember, as a child living close to the sea I spent every summer at the beach. As an adult I took up what we now refer to as 'wild swimming' but would alwa...
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