Our Journal - The Davy J Siren

A woman and man stood in the sea smiling and looking straight at the camera

Stories From The Water: Beth

I’ll admit I'm not usually a morning person. Enough time for a shower, breakfast (two bowls of coco pops ☺️) and I’m ready to start treatments. If I swim in the morning, I’ll drag myself out of be...
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Three brown illustrated cardboard packing boxes laid in an arrangement on a green fishing net

Davy J Wrapped & Unwrapped

If you’ve received a Davy J suit in the last couple of months *hopefully* you’ve noticed that our packaging has had a bit of a glow up. Aside from the fact we felt your Davy Js deserved something ...
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Three Girls wearing Davy J swimwear walking into the water to go wild swimming

Winter Swim Kit List

So you’ve dipped your toe into the cold water swimming malarky and now you’re hooked… what’s it going to take to keep you going through the colder months and what should you add to your kit list?...
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Girls entering the water for Autumn swim in Davy J swimwear

Top Tips for Getting into Cold Water Swimming

Part One 1. If you haven’t already - start now! The key to keeping yourself going through the winter is to get into a routine of going regularly now while the water is still ‘warm’ or ‘warmer’. You...
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Back view of a lady leaning against a pile of fishing nets and rope, wearing a Davy J Sustainable Waterwear white crossback bikini top and black bikini briefs with white waistband

What Are You Made Of?

A new campaign hinting at the story behind our debut and core Davy J collection - 'The Waste Collection'. What are our swimsuits made of? What goes into making each and every piece? What sort of p...
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